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AIA-LI |Emerging Professionals

The Need for Mentoring


The main objective of mentoring is to encourage members to “nurture their fellow professionals as they progress through stages of their career, beginning with professional education in the academy, progressing through internship, and continuing throughout their career - AIA Code of Ethics". Mentors play a critical role in NCARB’s Architectural Experience Program (AXP), formerly  Intern Development Program (IDP), as these individuals help developing architects review and reflect on their work.

For more info click Mentoring. (https://www.aia.org/pages/2661-axp-resources)

Look for future mentoring events by the EP committee.

How to acquire a NYS License

In order to become licensed one needs to fulfill an education requirement, experience requirement and examination requirement. Go to the NYS Education Department website to find a path that suits your situation.


If you are doing a traditional path you will need a NAAB accredited 5-year program, B.Arch degree, and to complete the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) with additional time that adds to 3 years of experience post-your B.Arch degree) and The Architecture Registration Examination (ARE). All of this is logged through NCARB, go here to create your account. (https://www.ncarb.org)

Additional contact Information:

New York State Education Department - Office of the Professions

89 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12234-1000

(518) 474-3817, ext. 1570   |   (518) 474-1449 (fax)   |   op4info@nysed.gov

NCARB - National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

1801 K Street NW Suite 700K, Washington, DC, 20006

Phone: (202) 879-0520   |  Fax: (202) 783-0290 | customerservice@ncarb.org

NCARB - Licensing Advisors:

Mr. Thomas L. Penn AIA (Islip Area) - 516.567.3024 - thompenn@aol.com

Mr. Robert Cody AIA (Old Westbury Area) - 516.686.7041 - rcody@nyit.edu

The Long Island Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

499 Jericho Turnpike | Suite 101 | Mineola, NY. 11501

 T: (516) 294-0971 | F: (516) 294-0973 | E: Alomo3535@aol.com

The Emerging Professionals Committee is here for you!

The Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) exists to support and serve professionals in the early stages of their careers. The goal of the EPC is to foster the professional development of associates members and newly licensed architects.

Through communication and education, the EPC hopes to encourage the participation and leadership of emerging professionals within the organization. Engaging the next generation of architects is a fundamental to a strong and vibrant AIA.

To receive updates of events, to get more involved or to just as a for information please e-mail: Epinfo@aialongisland.com.

You can, also, stay in touch through the Chapters Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AIALongIsland and you can request access to the Emerging Professional Group. As well as, follow our Chapter’s Instagram account: @AIAlongisland for EPC updates.

Emerging Professionals Committee Events

Check out our 2018 Event Calendar, keep a lookout for e-mails, facebook posts, and instagram posts for further information on each event.

Architectural Experience Program

The Architectural Experience Program™ (AXP™) provides a framework to guide you through gaining and recording your professional experience. Developed by NCARB, the program is required by most U.S. jurisdictions and is a key step on the path to earning a license.

Through the AXP, you'll learn how to safely and competently handle the scenarios you’ll face as an architect. With broad experience areas that reflect the current phases of practice, the program prepares you for everything from site design to project management.

Download the AXP Guidelines (https://www.ncarb.org/sites/default/files/AXP-Guidelines.pdf) for complete program rules and requirements.

Note that NCARB has a minimum for AXP hours, but NYS requires 3 years of Architectural Experience to become licensed. Do note that you can begin to log your hours while completing your professional degree.

Emerging Professional’s Companion

The Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC) is an online resource for interns to gain IDP credit. The EPC can also be used by educators, ARE® candidates, young architects, firms, and AIA components to enhance or create new learning opportunities. All AXP credit earned with the EPC can be approved by a registered architect acting as a mentor, whether or not the intern is employed.  To get your copy go to http://epcompanion.org.

ARE (Architecture Registrations Examinations)

The ARE (Architectural Registration Exam) is an important step in becoming a licensed/registered architect. In NYS you can begin to take the AREs once you have verified your professional degree in your NCARB account and when you have completed a form for NYS Department of Education and pay a registration fee.

Here is the form. (http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/arch/arch1.pdf)

Once NYS has approved your form, your NCARB account will be updated and you should be able to register for exams at that time.


The ARE 4.0 version retires June 30, 2018.

The updated version of the exam is ARE 5.0.

For answers to some of your questions for ARE 4.0, check out NCARB’s ARE 4.0 Community. (https://plus.google.com/communities/116031021237378921174 )


If you are taking 4.0 and will transition, find more information here. (https://www.ncarb.org/pass-are/are4/transition )


For Credit Conversions of Exams, see this chart. (http://aialongisland.com/ARE4.0vs5.0%20credit%20mdl.pdf )


If you are starting or working on ARE 5.0, find more information with the ARE Handbook.



For more information provided by NCARB visit this page. (https://www.ncarb.org/pass-are/are5/prepare)


For answers to some of your questions on ARE 5.0, check out NCARB’s ARE 5.0 Community.


Emerging Professionals Committee ARE Education Programs

We are currently working to develop a more comprehensive method of courses to help you with the ARE process. Stay tuned for more information on this.