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IF you decided you wanted to learn woodworking or maybe knitting, wouldn’t you first research the subject to familiarize yourself with how or where to start? As a consumer, wouldn’t you investigate an appliance or electronics before you made a big purchase? The Long Island chapter of the AIA wants to help educate consumers when they are thinking of new construction or renovations to their property.

Whether you’re dreaming of a new home, looking to add an addition to your existing home or you want to perform a complete renovation, talk with an architect. If you’re a developer planning a simple or complex commercial development, or you need to rehabilitate an existing commercial structure, the key to guaranteeing that your vision becomes reality is the same: Involve an architect early.

Architects are skilled at proposing inventive ideas to solve complex design problems and at making sure a project is true to itself aesthetically (whether it’s classical or original in styling).

Looking for a little more information on what Architects do? Click here to see.

Here is some information regarding architects:

We recommend that you download a copy of the AIA Pamphlet Work with an Architect. This helpful guide provides valuable information on hiring and working with an architect.


You may wish to visit AIA’s Architect Finder. You can search by city, state, ZIP code and surrounding area (U.S. ZIP codes only), or by firm name. Click here.

Things you should know before talking to an architect.

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For A Real In-depth Look at the Building Process, you need to read the following:

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