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Business Meeting


The LI Emerging Professionals Committee (LIEPC) exists to support and serve professionals in the early stages of their careers. The goal of the LIEPC is to foster the professional development of associates members and newly licensed architects.

Through communication and education, the LIEPC hopes to encourage the participation and leadership of emerging professionals within the organization. Engaging the next generation of architects is a fundamental to a strong and vibrant AIA.



Check out our AIA LIEPC Event Calendar, keep a lookout for e-mails, facebook posts, Twitter posts, and instagram posts for further information on each event.  

Networking Event


The main objective of mentoring is to encourage members to “nurture their fellow professionals as they progress through stages of their career, beginning with professional education in the academy, progressing through internship, and continuing throughout their career - AIA Code of Ethics". Mentors play a critical role in NCARB’s Architectural Experience Program (AXP), as these individuals help developing architects review and reflect on their work.

Purpose of the program:

  1. Establish a connection and expand networking efforts between architects, intern architects going through licensing process and students. 

  2. Bridge the gap between established professionals and emerging professionals.

  3. Enhance the careers of the next generation of emerging professionals

  4. Supplement the tools for emerging professionals to complete requirements for licensure.

Adult Students


Find information about New York State Licensing requirements, Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and Architecture Registration Examination (ARE). 

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